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Chrome Petrol Tanks

We can repair and Chrome plate panel tanks to original standards. The process starts by removing all the paint and old layers of Chrome to reveal the original steel tank.

Before we remove the paint we make a reversible template of the original paint line. Because the paint line will disappear once we stripped the tank.

Once the tank has been stripped stripped back to bear metal the template is put back onto the tank and the paint line remarked.

The tank is then satin finished within the painted areas and mirror polished within the chrome areas.

The whole tank is then chrome plated and this gives a two tone effect. Chrome panels where they need to be  and a satin textured area ready for repainting.

Templates are supplied back with the newly chromed tank as a reference point for the re-painting.

Any dent repairs to the petrol tank can be repaired by ourselves during the course of restoration please see our projects page

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I would like to thank you for the very excellent work that you have recently completed on the ceremonial bayonets for the Queen’s Colour Squadron. The work was completed to a very high standard and we are grateful given the timescales involved.


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