Care Instructions

Upon receipt of your components please check them carefully. Any shortages or damage must be reported to us immediately. No claim can be accepted unless we are notified within seven days from the date of invoice.

Once you have received your components it is important that you look after them.

Your components have been restored to the highest possible standard (better than new in most cases). However, the materials we have plated are not as new. Previous corrosion pitting often leaves it scarred as microscopic pores can go deep into the material surface. Electroplated deposits will not fill these pits and are themselves by nature micro-porous. Therefore, with certain base materials, such as steel and certain aluminium alloys, base metal corrosion may occur in certain environmental conditions.

In some cases with steel base metal components if left wet damp and in high humidity may cause ferrite irons to migrate through the grain boundary of the electroplating and form brown spots on the surface of the electroplated deposit. These spots will wipe away very quickly and easily without a trace. However, if they are left they may build up to form a hard crystallized structure on the surface (rust) that is much harder to remove without the use of an abrasive cleaner, if left may cause more long term damage to the electroplated deposit.

With cast suspension parts coated in BZP or Duplex Nickel, it is advisable to spray and wipe with ACF50. This will be adsorbed into the casting through the electroplated deposit and preserve the integrity of the plating.

Newly re-chrome components may look new, but they are not new and need to be very carefully looked after.

The importance of aftercare cannot be stressed more and the following basic guidelines will help you to get the most from your plating:

  1. Keep your plating clean and dry.
  2. Keep your plating regularly polished with a good wax polish we recommend smart wax which is available from ourselves this helps to seal the pores.
  3. Never garage your Vehicle wet, wipe dry before storage.
  4. Ensure your garage is humidified and do not store your vehicle for long periods without humidification control. This may result in the deterioration of your Chrome work.
  5. Do not wash and clean your plating with household detergents such as washing up liquid as these contain corrosive salts.
  6. Avoid using your Vehicle in the winter on public roads, because of exposure to salts.
  7. If the vehicle is going to be unavoidably exposed as above. Coat your plating with ACF50 or WD40 this will help to create a barrier and protect against exposure.

In accordance with our terms and conditions, the finish warranty shall exclude any corrosion after purchase caused by climate conditions, storage conditions or improper use, or neglect.

On Assembly

We recommend that items such as bumpers, mudguards, etc should be painted on the inside for extra protection before assembly. We recommend a coat of wax oil or Hammerite paint behind the unseen areas of your plating which are known to trap water and road dirt.

Electroplated surfaces are highly brittle and are prone to crack if distorted and therefore it is important that you follow these basic guidelines when fitting.

  1. Always use an authorized main agent to fit the parts to your vehicle where possible.
  2. When fitting makes sure components such as bumpers fit like a “glove” (do not distort the bumper when fitting to the vehicle and do not over tighten retaining bolts.
  3. Do not use ring spanners or sockets on newly plated nuts and bolts as they only grip on the corners and may slip and chip the corners of the plating. We recommend the use of masking tape and an adjustable spanner.
  4. Do not strike wheel spinners with a hammer, your club or main agent will have a special tool for tightening the spinner or hub nut.
  5. Do not over tighten over-riders and always use the correct length and diameter bolts on assembly.
  6. Highly stressed components such as suspension parts should be heat treated before assembly to de-embrittle the component. This is the responsibility of the customer to ensure this process has been done before assembly. Contact your main agent or club for further details.

Polished metal parts such as aluminium should be cleaned with an abrasive cleaner such as Inox polish available from ourselves. Do not use alkaline cleaners as these may stain or etch the aluminium. Finally, Polish with Smart wax to preserve and protect the finish from tarnishing.

Lacquered Brass or Copper parts should not be cleaned with any abrasive cleaners, only very gently cleaned with furniture polish to avoid damaging the lacquer.

Avoid accidental damage to plating such as stone chips as this may lead to lifting, particularly on edges.

In accordance with our terms and conditions, the company cannot be held responsible for claims for accidental damage or negligence in fitting other than an authorized main agent for the make and model of the vehicle.