Chrome Petrol Tank Repair

We offer a tank restoration service and can repair most dented and damaged tanks.

Templates are made of existing paint lines before we start work, so we can map out areas that need a shine and those that need to key the new paint.


Before Tap Restoration


Before Tap Restoration

The Petrol Tank Repair Process

Tap Restoration Step 1

Once a template of the existing paint line has been made, the petrol tank is stripped and lightly polished to show the dents.

Tap Restoration Step 2

To remove the dents we cut an access hole to gain entry. Once inside the tank we can push the dents out.

Tap Restoration Step 3

Once the dents have been removed the surface is polished again to highlight any remaining imperfections. Once we are happy all the dents have been removed the hole is capped in the bottom.

Tap Restoration Step 4

Once repaired the tank is finally polished and plated. The templates made from the original paint line at the beginning of the process are given to the customer for repainting.