Humber  Seat Adjusters

These seat parts are from a Humber we dismantled the entire assembly, then they are de-rusted, Chrome and Nickel stripped and hand-polished to a mirror finish, before re-plating. All internal components such as springs are Zinc plated for protection and then all the parts are assembled and tested


Before Tap Restoration


Before Tap Restoration

The Seat Adjusters Process

Tap Restoration Step 1

The first part of the process is to remove and kill all the rust and this includes not just the front face of the component, but behind where the mechanism sits. So when re-assembled you can be sure they will not continue to rust from behind.

Tap Restoration Step 2

The next stage is to remove what is left of the original plating by electrochemical stripping. This is the reverse of electroplating and does not damage the base material.

Tap Restoration Step 3

The next stage is to grind the surface to remove the surface pitting left by the previous corrosion. This process is called the cutting out and probably one of the most important to achieve the best finish.

Tap Restoration Step 4

Once the material has been ground and smoothed it’s possible to polish the material to a mirror finish ready for plating. This is also important because you will only see through the plating what is on the surface below it. The plating will mirror the surface, so if you leave pits and grinding marks they will still be there after plating and in most cases look worse, because the plating will magnify every little imperfection.

Tap Restoration Step 5

Once chromed the parts are inspected before they are ready for re-assembly.

Tap Restoration Step 5

On assembly all the parts are riveted and fitted back into the seat adjusted and test to ensure they work as good as they did when they were new.

Tap Restoration Step 5

The finished seat adjusters are ready for re-assembly to the newly reupholstered seats. This service offered by ourselves is the only one available as far as we are aware? Most of our competitors will offer to re-chrome these in one piece with all the associated problems that go with it!