Headlamp Re-Silvering

We offer a complete headlamp re-silvering service and we can restore all types of headlamps even sealed beam units! But we can only do them if they are metal and not plastic and we can remove the metal part from its surroundings. For example, sealed beam units that are fully encapsulated in glass cant be done!

If in any dought whether we can do them or not please send us some photos and we will be happy to take a look for you!

We can remove and re-fit glasses, lamp holders and deflectors were fitted.  Depending upon the type of reflector we may use Sterling Silver or Chrome onto a Copper/Nickel base which gives a very highly reflective finish. We are happy to coat all shapes and sizes including round, rectangular and square from the most modern to veteran and vintage reflectors.

Please remember transporting, removing and re-fitting glass lenses always come at the owner’s risk!

If you have more than one lamp we are happy to miss match parts to make you the best lamp!

Headlamp Re-silvering Images

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