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Carburetor Restoration

This is a carburetor from our own project bike a Suzuki T 250 1972 we purchase to restore and show in our factory.

In this particular case we stripped the carburetors to refinish the bodies by vapour blasting and re-zinc the fittings. In the process we found the flanges to be distorted and re-machined them flat again.


Before Tap Restoration


Before Tap Restoration

The Carburetor Restoration Process

Tap Restoration Step 1

Distorted Mukuni carburetor is put onto a mandrel on a centre lathe and faced square to remove the distortion.

Tap Restoration Step 2

The carburetor is checked to make sure all the distortion is removed.

Tap Restoration Step 3

The carburetor is vapour blasted, ultrasonically cleaned and re-assembled with the newly zinc plated parts.

Tap Restoration Step 4

Finally the finished carburetors are fitted to the Suzuki.

Tap Restoration Step 5

These parts were restored as part of a nut and bolt restoration on our own 1971 Suzuki T 250 which is now on display in our office.

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