Exhaust Systems Nickel Plated

We have been plating exhaust systems for over 32 years and in those early days, we were able to restore most. Over the past 3 decades, we have seen a decline in the quality of these ageing parts and we are finding more and more are less suitable for restoration.

Looking at the outside is no indication of the condition on the inside! Trapped moisture particularly with four strokes can lead to corrosion from the inside out. However, we are seeing more and more two strokes suffering from the same problem due to their age! Most header pipes are usually fine, and this problem is typically within the silencer.

Due to these problems, we can look at them in two stages. Firstly we need to investigate the suitability by cleaning and removing carbonaceous deposits from the inside. Then we need to remove all the old plating and rust from the outside. Only at this point, we will know the suitability of the silencer for restoration. As you can appreciate, if we cannot proceed due to the condition, you will be liable for the cost up to that point!

If we proceed with your exhaust we can’t guarantee the finish! Please read our terms and conditions.

Exhaust systems are difficult to restore and we appreciate they are an integral part of any motorcycle project. We will always try our best to help customers that provide us with the whole job and not just exhaust systems! We frown upon companies that cherry-pick easy parts.

Exhaust System Nickel Images