Dull Nickel Plating

Dull Nickel plating was the first material to be used in the plating industry pre-1933. It plates with a dull mat finish that could be polished to shine like bright Nickel. This was a very labour intensive process because it needed polishing twice before and after plating.  Bright Nickel was developed in the metal finishing industry to reduce labour costs.

These days modern materials are predominantly bight and achieving this original dull flat mat finish is hard to achieve with most finishes varying from a flat mat to a bright gloss with anything in between.

We have perfected new techniques by polishing and vapour blasting the surface prior to plating and this has resulted in a more consistent flat mat finish. But due to variation, we can only guarantee the batch will be consistent in finish and may vary from batch to batch.

Dull Nickel Plating Images (Click to Zoom)