Wheeler Dealer Caddy

Being unable to replace damaged trim form a 1962 Cadillac De Ville we were approached by Attaboy TV who were making a new fifth series of Wheeler Dealers and asked us if we could assist in repairing, polishing and plating the damaged grille, trim and hub caps from this car.

The time scales were tight for the filming as the new series was being released in the Autumn. But we managed to deliver onetime.


Before Tap Restoration


Before Tap Restoration

The Wheeler Dealer Caddy Process

Tap Restoration Step 1

The grille was riveted together and had to be dismantled before we could restore the individual louvres.

Tap Restoration Step 2

Once the grille is dismantled into individual pieces. Each part was straightened and polished. With this particular grille every other louvre was painted black to give the original contrasting finish.

Tap Restoration Step 3

The finished Grille was then re-assembled in reverse order and re-riveted back together.

Tap Restoration Step 4

The finished car was sold to an American dealer who said it was one of the best he had ever seen.

Tap Restoration Step 5

The hub caps were made of stainless steel and badly dented in places.

Tap Restoration Step 5

The dents were carefully dressed out before re-polishing.

Tap Restoration Step 5

Finally the hub caps were re-pained to there new colour by another company.